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Military Aid to Israel

Send letters to Members of Congress and the President opposing military aid to Israel.

Find out how much your city, county, Congressional district, and state provide in military aid to Israel and what that money could purchase instead for unmet domestic needs.

Sign up as volunteer organizer and get an organizing packet in the mail, and download resources to help us organize this campaign.
Learn More About Military Aid to Israel
Watch videos, download PowerPoint presentations, and find links to more info about military aid to Israel.
I    C    P    R
Austin, Texas
ICPR regular Meeting:
Time : 7 P.M. the second Thursday of every month.
Westminster Presbyterian Church
All are welcome 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations (1948)

The Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights (ICPR) is a local organization that works to raise awareness about Palestinian human rights. ICPR has recently decided to provide emergency relief to the children of Gaza, who have suffered under the Israeli attacks and bombings this summer as well as an ongoing siege that deprives them of many necessities of life, including shelter, food, clothing, and clean water. The entire population of Gaza is now facing the winter without adequate supplies. Many of their homes have been destroyed along with all of their possessions.


Many children are in desperate need of warm clothing, especially those living in makeshift accommodations. Food has become more scarce due to the destruction of much of the infrastructure as well as the ongoing siege whereby Israel limits the amount of food allowed in. Gaza’s Water Plant has been destroyed, too, leaving no reliable source of clean water. Gaza has suffered a horrendous degradation of living conditions and now that winter is approaching it is critical to provide supplies of clothes, food and water for the children.


ICPR has organized a Gaza fundraiser earlier this month, which raised $33,500 for the children of Gaza, channeled through the Dallas-based humanitarian aid organization KinderUSA. Our new project is to collect donations for the Middle East Children’s Alliance Clean Water Project (Maia), as well as collecting children’s clothing and nonperishable foods. We call on the community to support this urgent need.


Donations of clothing and nonperishable food will be collected either at the next ICPR meeting on Dec. 11 at 6:30pm at the Westminster Presbyterian Church (3208 Exposition Blvd.) or anytime at 5214 Duval Street (please call first: 512 452-6245).


Donations for water purification  to the Middle East Children’s Alliance can be made directly online at and should be earmarked for the Maia Project, which is providing water filtration in schools and preschools. Donations for Emergency Aid to Gaza’s children can be made at


For more information, contact ICPR coordinator Bernice Hecker at 512 452-6245.